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"The Story"

How’d this all start you ask? Well, Mom really does know best!

Howdy! My name is Sarah and my Mom Jeanette has been formulating her own natural products for years for our own family and a few lucky close friends to enjoy.

Of course, when you find something you love, you tell everyone else about it and soon enough, we had quite a ripple effect of requests coming in for her to expand her reach and make these awesome products available for the masses!

Being creative truly brought her so much joy after years of working behind a desk, so she just authentically began to lean in toward that creative side and keep producing.

We all know how hard it is to go back to generic store brand products when you’ve found the real deal that looks, smells, and feels amazing! So Mom was happy to oblige and continue to share her one of a kind products.

As time went by my desire to add a four legged friend to our family grew, as we had talked about it for years but our hectic schedules simply didn’t allow for it. After much persistence and family discussions, we finally welcomed our sweet Bernadoodle Willow and we couldn’t have possibly been more overjoyed
and ready.

Willow is the sweetest, kindest, gentle dog who soon became the center of attention in our family, as did trying to keep her clean! It became evident very early on that dogs don’t always smell the best and they often need to be bathed after running around in the rain, dirt, long hikes, etc….. Especially if you wanna cuddle them like we do!

After trying a few unsuccessful generic shampoos, I decided that it would be so great to have a natural product for dogs that is soft and gentle on the skin and SMELLS great too! After all, many of us are getting into natural products for ourselves, why not for dogs, right?

After having this “ A-HA” moment, I consulted with my Mom who’s been in the ‘biz’ for years and together we came up with some beautiful recipes.

So here we are…. humans and dogs. Why not create for both!!
Creating Jettsy Naturals with my Mom has been a dream come true and has brought so much joy and we hope that sharing this product line with you, your friends, your co-workers and your beloved pets will do the same for you! We truly do want to cast a pebble into a pond and change how we treat our skin, one day reaching happy customers world wide.


Sarah and Jeannette

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